What's New For Acura? Celebrating High Performance & Style

Acura is proud to put out stunning performance cars across the board every year. New for this year is the Type S Concept that is defining the directions of a new generation of design and performance. To learn more continue reading!

History of the Type S Concept

The Type S badge was released in 2001 and has to this date become globally recognized as Acura's icon for premium performance. Over the past 11 years, the Type S has been reviewed, improved, and engineered to be more powerful, more beautiful, and an absolute showstopper. New for this year the Type S has returned to set the bar.

The Concept

The Acura Type S is all about perfecting Precious Crafted Performance. The new Type S will showcase clean, muscular lines, quad exhaust outlets, and the iconic Type S badge. Acura has always been about showcasing cars that reflect the power within them, and the Acura Type S is no exception. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you'll be captivated by the possibilities waiting under the hood.

Looking to the Future

The Type S Concept is all about capturing the highest level of performance in the Acura lineup. The Type S is an image of Acura design from the inside out. The Type S is setting a new standard for what Acura models will be in the future. Acura is looking to build a new lineup that is smarter, more powerful, and more stunning by design. This is a new era for the Acura brand.

To learn more about the press release of the Acura Type S Concept, you can visit their official website and search under press. You'll learn more about the refined style and how performance is the core of every Type S Concept. If you are a driving enthusiast, this is an article you'll want to check out.

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